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What's Happening In Your Sims 3 Game?

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Yeah,I like Johnny the most too. Especially how I made his facial structure. In my game he was now promoted to International super spy(Law Enforcement level 10) and is living in a big house as you can see. :smiley:

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So I have some new shots to share before I go back playing and forget about them.


The Smiths were at the community pool.Johnny,Ophelia and Jake were swimming.

Jim was fishing. In the pool.

Jake:Catch something, Jim?

Jim:Yes,a fat girl. :smiley_laughing:



That evening Johnny and Ophelia went to spend some romantic time in town.

Jim has thrown a party while the parents weren't home. (Yes Jim is a party animal)

Jake,his older brother helped him a lot. They are best friends and sharing the same room. :405831:

I am surprised Agnes Crumplebottom,the house next to them, hasn't observed the party. It was a succes anyway. :366915:



The next day they had a family breakfast together. Johnny loves his pancakes.

Pancakes were better for him than those hamburgers and sushi. :702:



Ophelia went to explore catacombs. I like your new look Ophelia. :wink:


And that is all for now. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

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Yes and I love this family.

At them always happens interesting things.

I have posted absolutely all the screenshots I taken.

It works like a dream. Most probably because it is just the basegame with no CC.

I will keep it this way. :)

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Poor Ophelia, what happened? I am assuming she had a shocking  experience. :grin:

Yes. I was curious about what happens when you put a sim to ''explore catacombs''.

The only thing that the game told me was so: "Ophelia has seen and experienced horrible things." and still something I don't remember.

I was all :scare3:  when I have seen her and I imediately took a screenshot.

After that I put Johnny to explore catacombs at the cemetery too, and he was,how the game says ''beaten by a bear" but looking like he just tried to repair the broken dishwasher from his home. EA is afraid of blood.

Unfortuntely I did not took a screenshot,but you can image how he was looking. :whew:

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