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Uploading Rules

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Hello, and welcome to Affinity Sims! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules:

Uploading Rules

* No Posting of (or linking to) offensive material of any kind, such as nudity or suggestive, provocative clothing; alcohol/tobacco/illegal substances; violence; adult book stores; occult references, etc.
* Please include any and all meshes needed.  Your post image must reflect what you are posting.  We no longer accept links to mesh files.  All recolors of custom meshes, must include the mesh, unless said mesh is here on Affinity.
* Please use the following formats for uploading files ZIP, RAR or Sims 2 packages/Sims 3 packs.
* Image Files may be linked to offsite storage such as or One image must be included with your actual post.

* You must include at least one in-game screenshot.
* Please mention in your post, if your upload overwrites an existing upload or one already in the game.

* Please do not use spaces in your filenames, spaces cause problems for some users.

* All posts and uploads must be in English. We may use other languages as accents or for fun.

* We are amending our uploading rules for creators.

We now feel that creations must be exclusive to Affinity. If you have or if you are planning to upload your creations on other sites, we welcome you to give a link to those creations from the other site/sites. Again, we ask that you do not upload those duplicate creations to Affinity. You may post a link to your creations in our Game Chat forum.

You are welcome to submit creations as exclusive gifts only found at Affinity.


Image Attachments:

* Please include an image that is close to square, and use that as your default display image, due to the way IPB formats the displays.


We will have a general creator policy as opposed to personal creator policies.


Our general creator policy is as follows:


We ask that you not claim our work as your own.

Please, do not use our work for you own financial gain.

Enjoy the things we have created, as much as we enjoyed creating them.


These rules are subject to change with or without prior notification. If you have any questions about these rules, please contact one of our staff members.

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We are working on standardizing the presentation of our Uploads. It is our hope that these guidelines will help eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding.


The first template is for the uploading presentation of Sim people creations


1) It should go without saying but I will slip it in anyway, no nudity or provocative clothing.

2) The Simmie presentation should include an ingame closeup head shot:


3) We would also need an ingame full body shot:


4) Please do not display your Sim in accessories or apparel that is not available to those who download. If you would like to 'show-off' candid or other ingame shots we would love to see those shots in our Gallery / Sims Pictures.

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