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    • Rebecah

      Private Messages   11/10/2017

      I have finally restored most of the private messages in a separate database.   Click Here and log in.  You should be able to find your messages.  That is all I have there for now.  Most images and files should be   You must open this message to use the link.
    • Rebecah

      We are still here! :)   11/13/2017

      It looks like all our hard work paid off, as we were not shut down yesterday.  Thank so much for all your help!

Is Affinity A Safe Site?

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I happen to use IE for some testing I was doing to be sure our logon options for google, twitter and live were working and I happen to type into the search option of my Norton Tool bar.  At any rate, I wanted to share the Norton assessment of our site.



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