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Fishing Without Seasons

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PLEASE NOTE:  this is NOT a request!


I have noticed that there are various wonderful modded objects that allow Base Game players to do stuff that it would usually take at least another expansion to their TS2 to do--very good examples include growing crops by using Echo's Farm Items or Bienchen83's Wild Crops...and, naturally, Beck's BG versions of her own various Animals (search the entire Animated Objects list).


However, there IS one item that I've been wondering about--purely out of curiosity, mind you!--and that is:


Has anyone ever been able to create a "pond" that allows non-Seasons players to go fishing?


I've tried a net search.  I've gone to Mod The Sims and tried their Search function.  I've even tried searching here, too...but I do not ever get any responses to "Sims 2 fishing without Seasons".  In the case of Affinity Sims, it seems nobody here as ever wondered, and in the other searches, all I get is a Ga-jillion hits for "how to go fishing in Sims 2" rather than for the simple request I actually made.


So...does anyone here know if anybody in the whole world-wide web has EVER thought of making a fake pond from which non-Seasons players can fake fish..?


Like I said...just wondering...



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Dilly, you may be aware that someone made an invisible pond for fishing here, unfortunately it requires Seasons. :(


I do not know if there is any thing that can be done to modify it for TS2 without the Seasons EP.

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