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Edward's Escalating Escapades

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Just a bunch of randomized pictures of the four Sims I play with. Each Sim has a story behind them.


First up is, TJ Edwards II


TJ has a few first's behind him. 


TJ was the first Sim I created with the Slim BodyBuilder meshes I discovered at InSim. He's the first Sim I ever uploaded. He's also the first Sim that's gone through the most changes.  Eight of them. And, he also has bits and pieces of me. He's by no means a self-sim.


This is what TJ looked like when I created and uploaded him



TJ Version I

TJ Version II



TJ Version III (Was a gift to Basic 4 Sims)
Versions IV and V were never uploaded.
Version VI was a gift to Black Pearl Sims
Version VII was a gift to ColourSims

Version VIII was never uploaded
Next up is, Charles White. Charles was created by, Capricorne over at, InSim
TJ needed a boyfriend. That's how I ran across, Charles.
I made a few tiny tweaks to Charles. A new skintone and better looking eyes

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Thank you. I thought it up over at Black Pearl......


Next up is, Michael McDonald(Sim)


Michael was created by, DancesWithWand over at, InSim by request.


The first two pictures show how he's packaged..

The only change I made was, his hair.

Michael was lonely. He needed a girlfriend. Vittorine DiRoma.

I found her over at InSim also. Can't remember who created her.
In my quest to find Michael a girlfriend. One thing had to be absolute. The last name. McDonald DiRoma.
Michael and Vittorine randomness



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Your simmies are so nice looking. I especially love TJ, he is very handsome.

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Very handsome and beautiful Sims, thanks for sharing your screenshots.

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You're welcome!


Those four are the only ones I play the game with........

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Do you let them get old? If they die (shudders) do you just make them over again? I hate when my Sims get old, and I can't stand it when they die so I only play them until they get to be elders and then I just recreate them all over again.

I used to play my self Sim and my hubbie's self Sim and then one day I accidently had my hubby self Sim catch on fire and the Grim Reaper came.....I was so upset that I called my hubby and told him I had just killed him but it was an accident. I kept telling him I was so sorry and he kept telling me he wasn't dead.....eventually he figured out it was the Sim of him that was dead.

I don't play self Sims anymore just in case. :smiley_laughing:


The Sims you play are drop dead beautiful. :up4:

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When I play, I turn aging off. I use the InSimenator. I don't have the heart to see them get old.


Thank you for the compliment about the Sims. I only created one of them. TJ


When I got into creating, my strongest point was creating Sims. The other day, I fired up BodyShop, and for the life of me, I forgot how to create Sims. I just blanked out. It'll come to me one day.


Take a look at my "organizer" You'll see all the Sims I created....

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I love especially Michael and his girlfriend.

I know this is maybe off-topic but...The aging off isn't a setting. It's a cheat,right?Is it dangerous?

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Yes, it's a cheat.


No, it is not dangerous. Your Sims never get old, that's all.


They stay the "age" they are.

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More pic spam!!

Two of the nicer pictures I got of Michael



Randomness of Michael





Michael and Vittorine in the Batmobile!!


TJ and Charles


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Michael needs a batman costume now! :ROLF:

I want a Batmobile now. Preferably with a Batman driver. So I can say I have a Batman boyfriend. :slapLaugh:

Now I want a boyfriend. :Empathy:

Ignore me I am just crazy. :dancing smiley:

Vittorine is lucky.

I am going to Amazon to buy a boyfriend. :shopping001:

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