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I Had It Before...lost It

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I had downloaded that compost thing that is in the garden area from Rebecah but I can't find it went looking through Rebecah's downloads and I can't seem to find it there is 3:30 am and am crossed eyed lol and brain dead...but I know it has to be here..can any help me look for it when or if they get a change...


Thank you for your help in advance.. :smiley:


UPDATE: I am so sorry about this post...I did have a brain fart it wasn't Rebecah that had it it was Michelle at Plumb Bob Keep..with the recolors on that compost thing here is the link

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Sorry that I haven't been around to help. I just got my internet working somewhat. Still have a long way to go.


I wrote this to Beck in a PM:



My monitor screen is still flashing to black and then coming back. I might have to start saving up for another computer.


I am still trying to get everything situated. I haven't even loaded anything to my downloads folder yet. All that I have is EA or Maxis.


It looks like the problem is not in my game and not in my drivers.


We will just have to keep on trying. God has brought me so far on this journey. I am happy about all that I have learned.

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