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Stefy's Sims 3 Adventures

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Hi Simmers!

I moved my TS3 pictures here because I wanted everyone to see them.

So,here they are:



Here is the little Jim with his very ugly babysitter. Babysitters are much more different than nannies in TS2. They don't even take care of the toddlers(or babies,depending the case). And get 75 simoleons for that.




Here Jocasta Bachelor at the Smiths.Johnny and Ophelia consider that Jocasta is very rude, because she was preparing their lunch.



Here is Jake and his friends, Bella Bachelor and Mortimer Goth. They make an interesting trio.



Here is the little Jim in his toybox. Isn't he cute? :389-Amours-love-:



Here is Ophelia with her best friend. Is a sim created by me and my best friend. She did't said something,but I think we just made her simself. :hmm:


Jim did grow up in a child. He is now a Kleptomaniac, Athletic(like his daddy) and a Party Animal.
That's why he invented a new dance: Swim-or-dance :construction:
There are Jake and Jim doing their homework together. Jake is telling him what he has seen last night...
...that. :grin:
Here is the result:a little naughty girl named Emily. I am glad she turned out SO CUTE!!!!! :love:
Somewhere,in Sunset Valley's swimming pool,happens a mistery. A SIM ON THE WATER!!!!!!!!
Here Johnny is training his friend Ripp Grunt. Or is he ready to fight with him? Punch,punch,punch! :happyhappy:
Talking about fighting,there is an interesting story. So,Ophelia was fired from her job. Geoffrey Landgraab was her boss. And Johnny now hates him. Johnny revenge!! (...better than Zuma revenge) :dancing smiley:
This is Ripp with his girlfriend Ashley. Ophelia is having a nice sleep on the background. :zzsoft:
Back at the Smiths home. Dorie Hart likes Ophelia,but that is something strange for her. I love the speaking madness interaction.
Ophelia is having a mother-sons day with her sons Jake and Jim. They decided to have a nice picnic in the park. Without Johnny.
The boys were so happy.
Jake was watching TV,while Johnny and Ophelia were make out on the couch right next to him. I love Johnny's obssesed face.
A classical,atlethic father and son day.
The next day. Is a breakfast in family.
Johnny is happy with his beloved pancakes. Better than sushi for him. :702:
Jake offers to clean the dishes...Good boy. :ykiss:
...util the bus  finally arrived. In their fence. No worries, nobody was hurt,even the bus and the fence.

After school Ashley did come to discuss with Ophelia. And now I see Jim is really resembling his father, he don't likes Ashley too.


Then they were at the community pool. Johnny,Ophelia and Jake were swimming.
Jim was fishing. In the pool. :huh:
Jake:Catch anything,bro?
Jim:I am trying to catch that fat girl next to you. She could be contagious.

While they were at the pool...the Repoman showed up. He is so handsome, don't you think? He just ate some stolen furniture,so the police doesn't notice him.

P.S. The bill was 762 simoleons!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily they have 240,000 simoleons. Motherlode is a good helper.



But I think Johnny is looking better than that Repoman. Especially with that sparkle next to his head.



Johnny and Ophelia were in town. Jim decided to throw a party while the parents weren't home.

Jake helped him. They are best friends and sharing the same room. :405831:


Ophelia went to explore catacombs at the mausoleum of the cemetery.
She has "seen and experienced horrible things" how said the game.
I like her new look. It's shocking! :scare3:
Finally,Gunther has met her mother in law. His mother in law in her swimwear. Go Gunther! :ROLF:

 This is all for now! See you later... :slapLaugh:




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Hi! I have some more shots to share.

I've started playing with Ripp and his girlfriend Ashley recently.

When I enter their lot,that's what Ripp is doing:


Sleeping.At 8pm. You lazy Ripp! :granny:




While Johnny plays foosball. I have never seen him playing,so this is a special day that will never be forgotten.




Ophelia was here too,with Emily. Have I told you how much likes Emily to watch TV? She watched so much that the TV got broken. :slapLaugh:




And here is Ripp's face. He looks dubious. Or he don't likes the KidZ zone channel. :o




So he prefers to play his guitar,again.




Ripp and Ashley have a precious daughter, Amy. She is best friend with both Jake and Jim Smith. :love:

I am glad Amy is not insane like her mother or a slob like her father. She is Artistic,Good and a computer whiz.




And it seems that Jim has fallen in love. :loveblow:

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I made some few shots with Amy:



Amy with Jake and Jim at the art gallery.



Amy and Jake eating together some burned hot dogs.



Amy and Jake after the sun sets,they are cute. :389-Amours-love-:



Amy and Ripp,who is her father.

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cute how Jake just follows Amy around like a puppy dog...and Amy looks at her dad on the last picture like he is nuts they way he is playing that game. lol


Thank you for the updates.. :smiley_happy107:

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Amy's house is next to the Smith house,so the boys always come at Amy's place.

Yes, that probably because Jake has not many friends,despite his brother Jim who meet all the children in town and befriended most of them.

Luckily Amy doesn't mind having an "obssesed fan". :grin:

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A shot I just taken:


Sam was completely right,Jake really follows Amy everywhere. :ROLF:

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I am playing right now,in game is now the second day 7 pm and he is still there! :slapLaugh:

Johnny and Ophelia do even care where is their son?? :ROLF:

Edit:And now I am a Young Adult!

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While Amy was chatting with Jake on her laptop:


Ripp has found the best place to play his guitar. :slapLaugh:


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I made some screenshots to share today:




First off,we start with an angry(but elegant) Johnny. I don't know why is he angry this time,probably Ripp invented a new joke about him.



Amy and Jake at the beach. The little green genius who is playing chess and the cute girl. :wink:



A randomly close up to Ophelia who is always carrying Emily.



Jim and Amy hugging.



Amy looking at Jake who is sleeping.



Amy looking at Johnny while he's sleeping...she did not knocked at his room's door! :granny:



Amy,probably waiting Jake. In his room.



Amy and Jim are dancing. Jake prefers to read instead.



I would hug him.



Here is Jake in Amy's room. AGAIN!!!!!



And this is why Jake can stay with no worries at Amy's place.

Johnny and Ophelia are too busy kissing each other all the time.

The inly thing I would say:They're crazy!



So,Emily stopped playing with blocks and stayed inside her toybox,to see what her parents are doing.



Then she decided to show them her rabbit. :love:


And I leave you with some Emily cuteness:


Emily:"Daddy,Jim ate my pancake!"

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Stefy, I am having so much fun with you candid shots of your Simmies! :366915:

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Looks like you've really captured all their personalities, Stefy...and I would certainly keep an eye on Jake...always hanging out in Amy's room too!

Love these much fun...Thanks for sharing them!  :dancing smiley:

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@Karen:You are completely right! :slapLaugh:

@Neverforsaken/Lisa:I wanna told you all their traits this time! Because I don't want to keep them as a secret!

@Nonni: Thank you for your advice to make my own thread! It was a great idea! :grin:


Now to the images...


At the Smiths...



Jim was invited by his friend Malcom at his home. Jim likes to visit others. :1hug:




Jake and Amy at the bistro, having a (romantic) dinner together.




Jim relaxing at Amy's place. :grin:




Emily: Aw,thank you server! Now go to get my rabbit!!!!! :ROLF:




It was Saturday,so Jim decided to throw a pool party while his parents weren't home,again :366915:




Invited were:Miraj Alvi, Kaylynn Langerak, Bella Bachelor, Mortimer Goth, Darlene Bunch, Arlo Bunch, Malcom Landgraab and Amy Thompson. All his friends. This guy is getting so popular...








Until Johnny and Ophelia were home. Right dressed for the party, too. :slapLaugh:




When they entered the house.




When the party finished, this obese guy appeared, probably wanting the stuffed turkey. Sorry I was in Build mode. :1doh1:





Ophelia was giving a massage to Johnny,when this guy entered the room. :ROLF:





And he decided to sleep. Fortunately, the bed was unoccupied. :)



So, I managed to reveal my simmies personalities,and here they are:

Johnny Smith:

-Hot headed






Ophelia Smith:

-Hopeless Romantic

-Family oriented



-Green thumb


Jake Smith:





Jim Smith:


-Party Animal



Emily Smith:

-Easily impressed



Ashley Thompson(Amy's mom):




-Good sense of humour



Ripp Grunt(Amy's dad):


-Commitment issues


-Couch potato



Amy Thompson:



-Computer whiz


P.S. And here is a trick I often use,if you didn't know:

-ctrl+C+shift and type testingcheatsenabled true

-you can Shift-click a sim and change their traits

-you can drag up or down needs and relationships

-be careful, you must ctrl+C+shift and type testingcheatsenabled false before you exit the game


This is for today! :389-Amours-love-:


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Does it not seem odd that strange Sims walk in and make their selves at home? That is one thing that surprises me about the game.


Thanks for the game tips as well as the sharing the fun. :happyhappy:

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Note:I will not be able to upload anything tomorrow because I must visit my grandma,and she has no internet. But I will take my laptop with me and play with my BFF which lives in the same apartment complex as my grandma. :grin:

But I promise I'll post very soon new shots.

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Have fun with your is important...also have fun with your bff as well... :smiley:


I hope you have a wonderful visit! :icon_hug:

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