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Stefy's Sims 3 Adventures

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Enjoy your grandma and your BFF, Stefy...I used to spend as much time as I could with my Grandma when I was your age...I miss her even now.


About those sim's traits...I find it hard to believe that Jake has the 'coward' trait since he sneaks into Amy's room all the time...that takes guts!  :grin:

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I really enjoyed your pictures - they were so much fun to view. :slapLaugh:  Thank you for sharing them. Have a great time visiting your Grandmother and your BFF. :smiley:

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I always get a chuckle out of your adventures with Sims3. I don't have that game so it's fun to see what goes on in it.

Have a wonderful visit with your grandmother and your BFF.

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@Neverforsaken: Jake feels safe around Amy! :grin:

@Karen:I was exactly like you before having the game! :)


Boo! I came back!

So, you won't believe me but, I aged up Jake,Jim,Amy and Emily.

But I must post some shots before I did that:


These three playing. I will miss Jake and Jim as children!



Oh,Johnny why are you so sad? Your pancakes were spoiled??


Some of the cfreepiest Jim's faces EVER:

post-13075-0-47177100-1404554806_thumb.j delicious!




Who are you afraid of? Grim Reaper?



You naughty boy! :granny:



You very naughty boy!! :grandpa::granny:






I hate this glitch! :scare3:



Johnny doesn't seem to like it too!



Postman:Hmm,what a big house! Means more money for me!



When he sees Jake and Jim...





Miraj(the child in background): Are you cheating on me?



Uh,Johnny,w...where did you putyour hand?



:scare3:  Johnny please don't eat the pillow!!!




And here is a family portrait. Moveobjects on helped me because they didn't want to stay they all were :ExcitedSmiley:


Now on the bdays!!!!!!! :366915:



Here's Jake. He now has the Handy trait.

I know, HIS FACE IS TOO SMALL!!!!! :scare3:



And here is Jim, he has now the Good sense of humor trait.



And the little Emily. She has now the brave trait. Doesn't anyone see her?



And Amy has now the neat trait, and I know her slobby father will drive her crazy!



Yes, Amy and Jake had their first kiss!!!!!! :loveblow:

EDIT: I added some older screenshots to this post.

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Real Life = RL.  Sorry. :Whistle:

How was your visit to your grandmother's house?

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Oh,it was great.

She was so happy to see me,and we spend time together.

I helped her with some things she was not understanding on her cellphone and with some things she wasn't able to do.

Then I showed my friend the screenshots.

She laughed that much that she needed to go to WC(toilet)!

It was great! :)

And Nonni,thank you for telling me a new shortcut :)

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@broomhilda61: Hihi, how would't they get together if they were always together in their childhood! And I think they're really cute together.


New screenshots!



...that's weird. :hmm:




Emily: Hmmm,they seem to fit together...




...but I must get my attention too. :grin:




Amy playing...VIDEO GAMES? :o




Jim and Emily in the school bus.

Both of them aren't big fans of school either. :blank2:




And I don't know why all the maids laugh at Johnny.

When he's working out the maid laughs at him, when he's sleeping she laughs at him, even here, when he's doing nothing she's laughing at him!




You Jake,you puppy dog! :ROLF:


A little thing that I heard.

1. to enter a rabbit hole, you can go inside of it when  it disappears, and hit Tab.


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Love to see how your sim family is doing. It is a nice story. Thank you.

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Hi friends!

I now regret so much I aged Amy Jake Jim and Emily up. It was more much fun when they were children. Even if they were limited than teens and adults, they were more funny. Then why did you age them up you ask? When my mom has seen me playing she has begged and begged and begged me to age them up. So I did and I regret very much now. :cry:  I cannot move back, I saved them so already and I can't do ANYTHING! I don't know how, they were much  more fun when they were children, I was getting like 10-20 shots a day, now since they are teens, I'm boring with them very fast, in 2 whole real life days I got just three shots, JUST THREE!!!!!! :scare3:

And I don't know what to do, I would find a way to age them down or maybe is impossible, and when I said to my mom I regret that I aged them up she said that what I'm saying is a non sense. What can I do? What should I do?


But here is my "mini update":, ok and now I see they're five shots:



Jake and Amy doing their homework. IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!1 :scare3:





Just poor Jim. What cruel trainer he has!





Jake:Hey dad I wanna repair you.





This is Christopher Steel. While I was playing the Smiths, he got a huge girlfriend and a child. Congratulations for your new family Christopher! He has some muscles if he's able to carry such a fat girl!





And here's Johnny talking with his daughter about...BEDS!!! :scare3:

Lll...Let's just say a new bed that's it! :undecided:

Don't talk about wooh....something with your daughter Johnny! :granny:





Emily: I'm being a supermodel! :blank2:


And, I'm sad but that's all...

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Thanks for you funny update, Stefy! You will have to play Christopher Steel to get some more Toddlers and Children. In the meantime, your Teens will eventually grow up and you can have their children to play. :dancing smiley:

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I have aging off. And I want them to be children! They were the most precious sims for me, but now that I made them teens I don't know why they seem boring to me!

I want my green kids to be kids again! :29cw6j4_th.jpg:

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I enjoyed reading through your thread very much, Stefy!  :366915:  Thank you very much for the fun and laughs. Maybe you can let your teens do some pranks? They can be really naughty and even rebelling when they want to :)

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Hah, I would but I have the basegame and pranks came in generations. :grin:

Jim is most rebellious of them all,he did really go at 3 am at the pool but the police caught him and Johnnhy was all :mad: :mad: :scare3: :scare3: :mad: :mad:  and Jim was "What is going on with him? :undecided: " and at 1 pm Jim did go again at the pool. Nothing can stop him.

Emily, is just a classical little sister, you know, wanting to be in the center of attention :love:  and is up to do anything to be this way, even making trouble to her brothers.

Jake is that older and mature and having just A at school and respecting the curfew. Geek.

You know, Jake and Jim are like :choice:  an angel and a devil. And to be clear they are not twins.

Eeh, I like like to write. :P  Double like is not a grammar error, just a little double double writing to confuse you. :undecided:

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I love the updates Stefy...well after the teens grow up they have kids those kids might green you or create a couple of green

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Great updates, Stefy!

I think Johnny is telling his daughter to make her bed in that one shot...and her expression in the ext one is typical when a parent tells a kid to make the bed...LOL!

So glad you had a good time at your grandmother's.

Hope you find more enjoyment in the game as you continue to play...I know it can get boring, but if you use your imagination and write some stories...that can be fun, and you are very good at it too.  :smiley_happy107:  :up4:

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@Lisa/Neverforsaken: Aw, Lisa,yes Emily was all: "Do you want ME to make my bed? You should make my bed!"

And I am really very happy that someone reads what I write too. And I have time this summer...wanna think at some stories... :blank2:

@Sam: That is enough. I won't age them up, anyone of them! :P  Why? Because in TS2 they age and age and die.  They are too precious to me to see them dead at some point, that's why I use protection if something unwanted happens, like accidentally drowning in the pool, all of them have the Grim Reaper's favorite flower. The death flower. Bye bye Grimmie! :loveblow:


Yeah,I am on fire again! 18 shots this time. Ok, in a big part is about Jim but I hope you don't hate him that much.

Now on the prepared to applause. :appl2:




Jim seems adorable?




Does he seems that adorable? :love:




Does he seems like that scared boy? Be prepared to shock what he can do...(Stefy still deeply hopes you won'y hate him like Stefy hates bees :buzzyBee:)




I said you to be prepared! :happyhappy:



Yes, he slapped a LADY!!!!! :granny::o




So Emily takes after her brother. It's (not) a surprise!





Here he is out past his curfew caught by  the police but luckily this wasn't his dad's shift.




And after the police leaved and Johnny did go back to sleep, Jim did go out to the beach, in his pajamas. :huh:





Here's Jim making a creepy face, to his father. :55:






Emily: C'mon Jim let's go to school!

Jim:Nah, I'll watch the turned off TV.





So, Jim did go to a stranger (who's name is River McIrish) and started to flirt with her, and Jim finally had his first kiss.

This girl needs a serious makeover if she wants to be Jim's girlfriend. Something punk or gothic something rebellious :construction:



Now let's change the subject and:


...go with a smile. Oh my goodness I love that smile and yes, she was smiling at Johnny. :grin:




Emily painting I don't know what :hmm:










That's what's annoying at TS3. In TS2 if their needs are low the plumbbob would look like this and I would get all scared, in TS3 is about moodlets, but I get scared if I see that red plumbbob.





Jake turning in Jake in pajamas wow!





Johnny. Complaining about Jim exactly to his (Johnny's to be clear) wife who is Jim's mother. Johnny, you're lucky that she's good!





And here's Johnny scaring some people.


Have a shiny day! :Sunshine:

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