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Stefy's Sims 3 Adventures

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Great shot of the spin into PJs!

I think I have played River before with a makeover...Pretty sure you can pretty her up a bit!

The facial expressions are pretty hilarious in this game...Man, if looks could kill!   :o

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Thank you all for your kind comments!

So, here I am with some new shots!

Ok, I have recently playyed TS2 and that's why this update was a bit late, but ah, I missed playing TS2 for so much time, so I hope you won't mind. :grin:


So, after all Jim did in our last ''episode'':



Johnny decides to zap him. Yay moodlet manager! :smiley_laughing:




You're a good parent Johnny.




The "little angel" of the house decides to react too. BOO!



Let's see the newspaper category: "The Best places to do your homework"




1. For those always A students, it's always refreshing to do your homework next to a pool, if you are tired of homeworks, just go to drown in the pool! :slapLaugh:




2. For failing students, the best place to do your homework is in the garden, as maybe a tasty apple falling from the tree should refresh your mind and make you concern on your homework. It is recommended the next day to skip school for a better grade. :smiley:




I promised that makeover, but River seems that she likes the way she is, I don't mind what she likes anyway.




Ok, I had no idea in what style to makeover her and I choosen something at random. Oh my goodness she really looks like me, just a bit older. :o




And here's a full body shot. :389-Amours-love-:




Amy wabted to visit River and so she did.




Looking at other part of the things, it seems that Amy just learned how to fly. :searching smiley:



And that's it!

Happy birtday Chesirekat! :blank2:

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Very entertaining and your comments add so much! Thanks, Stefy. :laugh1:

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So you made me want that "Zapper" thing, both for my Sims and for me :slapLaugh: (I could have used that yesterday at my MRI appointment)

I love your pictures and your comments. :icon_hug:

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@Karen: That was a lifetime happiness reward that was 60,000 happiness points! It was a very good punishment for the naughty Jim! :grin:

@MaAlet:Thank you Alet! I enjoy it so much, and I'm all surprised because, despite many other TS3 players that get lots of glitches, crashes and bugs from their games, my game runs perfect. I guess I'm just very lucky... :smiley:

@Marbi:Thank you! :)

@Neverforsaken:Yes, Lisa! Me too! I really want to walk on air like Sims do! It's just so funny! :slapLaugh:

@broomhilda61: I wanna hug you! :icon_hug::bighugs-vi:



Hey hey! Hi there! Sorry for a so late and short update,friends! I got too much in TS2! I made my first alien-zombie hybrid, one of my sims got abducted and had twins :spacecraft:  and I nearly forgot to update!


So, I didn't played too much, but I (tried) made a lot.


Do you like it?






Here's the first floor.







And here's the second floor.




And I was just browsing a bit in CAS:


I love I can create green people(aliens in TS2)! :P




Now, on my gameplay:


Jake trying  to play a guitar...when fortunatelyy nobody is around :whew:




Ophelia is donating 1,000 simoleons to "Kleptos Anonymous" when her son Jim is a Kleptomaniac...




Here's Jake tutoring Amy.

Jake, you won't get too far in this relationship if you tutor your girlfriend. Instead of that you can kiss her. KISS HER I SAID!!!! :scare3:




This maid is paid to clean up the mess. She's not paid to brush her theeth!!!! :granny:





Eh. It's just Jake in the park. Wait... Jake, who's that girl next to you!?!





Jim teasing Emily...





Ahem...Jim that's an evil face!




And be prepared to laugh at Johnny's best and funniest face ever:



Oh my goodness! :ROLF:



Hug you all! :389-Amours-love-::bighugs-vi:



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Stefy, you always brighten my day and delight my heart, thank you! :image014-22:

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The house looks very nice. Love your pics, especially the last one. :grin:

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Love your about some inside pictures of it?


If you ever get the 'Seasons' expansion for TS3, you will have some different looking aliens as well as alien eyes available in CAS.

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@Nonni:You're welcome! :icon_hug:

@Sam: Glad you like them! :grin:

@Karen:Hah,me too! He was training Jim...poor boy

@Marbi:Thank you! :1hug:

@Lisa:Oh my, I forgot. I wanted to do some inside photos, but I was too busy. :1doh1:  I got Seasons!


So, sorry for a late short update. I just installed Seasons, but the loading time was a million times longer, and the game don't runs as smoothly as it did. I almost fall asleep waiting...

I tried to make the settings medium, and the game said me to restart. I quitted and thought to update.

Now on the pics...


Ah,Johnny and that zapper...



post-13075-0-31734900-1405938561_thumb.j succes this time. :embarrassed:





A random photo of Jim dancing.





Johnny thought to zap Jake...





... :oops::ROLF::slapLaugh:




So now with what I discovered from the sims 3 seasons...


Okaaaay...this is just a hotdog. A huge hot dog. :smiley_laughing:




What the...what a swimwear! :smiley_happy107:




Yiiipeee tatoos!!!




Aw, this is cute! :389-Amours-love-:




... :huh::scare3:







And I thought this was the solution...


It isn't. :police:

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Again, Stefy, you pictures and comments are so thoroughly amusing. Thanks very much! :slapLaugh:

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You are so funny, Stefy!

Yes, the load time is longer every time you load a new expansion for the first time.

Maybe the real alien eyes are in the Supernatural expansion?...I thought it was 'Seasons' since the aliens appear in that one.

Make sure you pay attention to your laptop's temperature...It can overheat quicker with more expansions installed  :hot:  ...This game is pretty tough on many laptops, and even on some desktops as well...I had to install a second fan and an upgraded video card on my desk top PC when I got the Sims 3 and started playing with expansions....but I could still play it with seasons and pets on the laptop with settings lower, and in windowed mode only...any different and the graphics chip could not handle the rendering, even with four processors!

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BREAKING NEWS!!! :happyhappy:

I got the Pets expansion! Expect an update very very soon!!!(maybe tomorrow) :love:

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Oh I love to read your updates, Stefy! It always makes me smile and brighten my day! Thank you! :icon_hug:

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@Nonni: I'm glad. They are how I want them to be, amusing! Thank you for your kind words, Nonni!

@broomhilda61/Sam: Thank you! I'm glad I helped! :grin:

@Lisa:It loads so long every time, but I think it's worth the waiting. I play it in fullscreen with no problems, but what settings do you have? (I'll copy them  )

And there was an "Alien Eyes" and "Alien Eyes Modifier" sliders but I didn't found the alien eyes color... :smiley:

@Alet: Awww, thank you! :icon_hug:

@Karen: I think is a Halloween outfit. It is avalaible for children too. But hasn't a special category and is showing up on Everyday. I don't know if I could be able to wear a hot dog everyday, through. :slapLaugh:


Hello, friends! I waken up in a so good mood that I am super-duper hyper today!! :happyhappy:

I really got a good amount of screenshots!(exactly 20 yay) And I am having fun with the new EPs. So I thought to share my happiness with you! :loveblow:


Let's start...


...this was Johnny's reaction when I put him to turn off the fireplace. Johnny,is summer now and you stay and watch TV with the fireplace on!

Do this in winter! :granny:





The summer festival has started. So here's Johnny with his ice cream...good boy, Johnny, good boy! :laugh1:





And here's Johnny playing soccer. He seems really good at it.





Jake at the festival!





Jake and Emily are at the eating contest. Surprisingly, Emily won!




Umbrellas!! :cheesy:





Jake, what are you eating? The salad or the book? :ROLF:





I decided to give Emily a little makeover, it's summer anyway.




It was so close! :scare3:





Amy:Oh,mom! Don't say me is Jake's dad again!!!!





Ripp and Johnny met at the bathroom. Who's going to won the WC? :cheerleader:






Nothing uncommon, just these siblings helping each other...






...until Emily changes the subject to: trash. :slapLaugh:




Sims faces...






Okay... :huh:





The ice cream truck came at Smiths place. When only Johnny was home.





Johnny: Why not? Ice cream is good.




For me Emily is the cutest girl ever.


Now let's meet the newest (pet) addition to the family:


Her name is Penny! :smiley:





In the next update:


Today is Leisure Day! Johnny and Emily decided to have a father-daughter day! Where will they go? What will they do?



To be continued...


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