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Stefy's Sims 3 Adventures

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Lightning in Sims3 is tricky and it is very hard to get a nice light for pictures. The only thing I know that might help to get it better is changing every light separately until you get it the way you want. When you have simmies in the game you just have to click on each lamp and there is a lot of different options. When you build a house you go to object mood and use the keys ctrl+shift or if its ctrl+alt, can't remember exactly right now. Then click on a lamp with left mouse button and the options should be there. You can dim or brighten or color any light separately or all of them at the same time.

Thanks for sharing that trick, Marbi.. :o  I never knew.

I just love the way you play this game, Stefy...I wish I could stick with one family like you do...It's so neat to really get attached to the characters that way and makes the game more meaningful.  :blank2:

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Thanks Lisa! :grin:

Oh yes, I didn't played them since the first day of school (I'm playing a Strangetown version for TS3). :1doh1:  *goes to play*

Yeah, I got very close to them. And the face expressions, they are natural, from the game. I just capture the best moment.

In fact I'm so attached I won't EVER ever age them up anymore. (but who knows maybe Emily will have a little sis or brother someday, eh? :cheesy: )

You know what? I am going to play. :angel:

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You need it, now you have it, Sam. :366915:

But before game pics, of course I have to brag a bit.


I've cleaned up my desktop a bit and made it pink. Do you like it?



The second day...

Jake: I didn't knew we had so much books, Jim.

Jim: Of course you didn't, the only thing you did when you were a kid was to go buy books. And books, and more books...

Jake: This was because you were stealing my toys.



Jake: I cannot believe Emily made such a mess.

Jim: I can't believe she even blocked the dresser.

Jake: I can't believe she...



Dreaming about Penny, after making your brothers room a mess.

At least Emily "changed the subject". :ROLF:




This gnome appeared in the bathroom, next to the toilet.

Does it really want to see what's happening in a bathroom...*gulp*





Fred: So you won't give me a bath?





Johnny: Am I crazy,or I heard the dog talking?

Ophelia: You're just crazy.




Fred: C'mon, I need some washing!




Johnny: The dog is talking again!




Jake: Ummm...Lisa, aren't you a bit...too close?

Lisa: I like the smell of your ears.

Jake: Do you want me to do your homework?




Seems like Emily's a bit clever than me.




She noticed the dog gnome first. :slapLaugh:




Penny found a new place to sleep.

On the dining table. I hope Johnny won't eat her too.




You never know what you may find in a bathtub, right?





Emily has a lot of playing-in-a-leaf-pile to do, you know?

Because that pile is GIANT.

And Penny is thinking at a song that would fit in the situation. :smiley_laughing:





A little pic with Emily. (please Nonni can you make it in an orange button so I can use it as an avatar later, please? :embarrassed: )




Pianist: You are so green.

Jim: You are so fat.




Emily: Thanks for doing my homework, Jake.

Jake: Phew, it was my pleasure...

Poor Jake is bored of homeworks.




I hope Emily is playing The Sims.

And I think her game just crashed so she has that face?





The furry (and plastic) friends are spending the night watching TV together.

At an soap opera. :grin:



The next day...


Penny: Let's scratch some maths!!!!


And...that's it.  :whew:

Now. I am going to make some Christmas pictures. I'm just preparing for Christmas. :laugh1:


Hugs and lots of kisses,

Stefy :icon_hug:

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Omgosh girl..I thought that was funny when Fred spoke and Johnny heard him :slapLaugh: and that gnome was in the bathroom watching :1doh1: I have something to say to about every picture :ROLF: and then I seen Nonni's name and said what...then I read the whole thing :grin:  your funny.. :grin:


Love your computer screen..but that color would drive me :insane:  if I had to look at it all the


Thank you for the updates Stefy..put a smile on my face :smiley_happy107::Thank_you: and made me laugh :slapLaugh:

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Love your desktop...that gnome in the bathroom is a little creepy.  I just adore Fred and Penny. Is that your math homework Penny is tearing up? :grin:

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I love the pink heart image Stefy!  Thanks for sharing more about your sims, and those gnome sure do show up in the strangest places.

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I was reading your posts to my son, they are so hilarious, especially the one with Lisa and smelling Jake's ear! :slapLaugh:


I will be delighted to make that shot into a button/avatar. Thank you for asking, Kitty Cookie!

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Love the new pink on your desktop. I had a really fun time reading your comments to the pics and that little pink gnome in the bathroom was very disturbing.

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The bathroom gnome made me :ROLF:  I always have company in the bathroom, Jake and Bandit.  :Whistle: 

I think your pink desktop is very pretty. :smiley_happy107:  Is that a submarine in the bathtub? Very interesting.

Awesome update, Stefy.  :up4:

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I have prepared some pictures of Emily. Let me know if you like any of them.

This one will be very easy to add a background of your choice.

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I love the pink desktop! :389-Amours-love-:

I am having fun playing my game with those silly gnomes showing up wherever!

And to think, in real life I don't like gnomes at all.  :o And am very glad they don't just randomly appear around my house!  :huh:

I absolutely adore that avatar image! 

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@Karen: Emily was having a "submarine adventure" in her bathup. Kids.

Nonni. Thank you so much!! :389-Amours-love-:

Ah, my dear Emily. How could I not love her? :grin:

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Thank you for the laughs, Stefy! You have so much fun in your game and I love your humor  :grin: I had a tiring day and now I feel so much better :)

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Thanks Alet! And I'm so happy you are better. :icon_hug:

And...I got the best grade at an English test today, excepting this, I had a very stressing week with tons of homeworks. TONS!!!! :scare3:

Umm, yes, and, it will take some time until I'll update. Blame school. SCHOOL!!!! :scare3:

Ok, I should stop screaming now. It's weekend. :embarrassed:

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Hi there!

I missed playing TS3 so much!!! So, yes, Stefy's Sims 3 Adventures is back! (almost)

For now I have nothing, excepting a 5 pics scene with Jake and Amy from the last time I played.


Thursday, 9:30pm


Amy: Jake, I heard you're going to do some kind of chemistry project soon.

Jake: From where do you know?



Amy: Let's just say Jim is NOT the best person for keeping secrets...



Jake: Yeah, that's true. My father has a chemistry table in the basement, from my grandfather, so I thought I could use it. My father never used it anyway. And you know I have a passion for logic and science. And aliens are linked to science. You know I'm a quarter alien, Amy.



Amy: OK, but be careful. Accidents can happen.



Amy: I have to leave. Come with me?

Jake: Yeah, but...

Amy: Are you afraid of heights?

Jake: Yes. Please don't leave me. Here. Alone.

Amy: C'mon it won't be hard. Just try. I'll help you.

Jake: If you say so...



And, yes, this is what I have for now. I am going to do my best so I can update the next weekend too!

Gonna make a Haloween-special episode guys! Be prepared! :cheesy:


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Thanks for the update Stefy, can't wait for the Halloween special.  I hope you had a nice holiday too!

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