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The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

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Sounds like you are getting plenty of good advice and support here. I remember going from elementary school to Junior High School (Middle School) was scary to me and challenging. Have a great week!

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Thanks for the advice, Lisa. :icon_hug:

Oh yes, I remember, it was challenging but fun to me to go to middle school, when I first met all the teachers, all the new classmates...And I just cannot believe I'm already in the 7th grade, there's this school year and the next and...High school. HIGH school!!!

And...I'm ready. I'm going to take out my saves folder just to be safe.

If Beck said it'll be okay it'll be okay. I am ready. :smiley:

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I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! :dancing smiley:

I made it. I unistalled those EPs, reinstalled them on the other drive and now I have 21 GB free out of 37 GB. And my game is actually working!! (don't tell anyone I kissed the screen 5 times in a row)

Whew. :whew:

Now I just have to install TS2 tomorrow. (is 9pm at me right now, time for dinner) :hmm: 

I was so worried, and Beck thank you so much for encouraging me. :Sunshine:

And don't think I came with nothing! There is with what I was greeted entering the game:



My little dear Emily.


And I had a great week at school. I had a test at literature and knew it all, and a test at biology (about the nervous system, you know, the spinal cord and the brain) and I knew most of it too, and today at the last class (tehnological education) I got a big fat huge grade for saying the lesson!

One last thing, countdown, guys, 8 days until my birthday! :cheesy:

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Yeah Stefy!  woot woot!  


Congrads on everything, I'm sure your did very well on all of your tests!

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