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Mission Mouse

Looking Through Old Cd's

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I've been looking through al my old CD's to find things for the game.

Who was the creator who called herself...."Herself"?

I have a bunch of her rars and have no idea what they are....

I have been all over the internet in search of one particular mesh set, to no avail. Thus the reason for me to be searching my CD's.

I can't find it there either. It's not at Sims Cave, or the Graveyard. I know I had this in my game way back when so why I can't find it is really bothering me. I'm a bit worried that it was on my desktop and of course that crashed so I think it's gone.


I did find my "Mavis Beacon" typing disc... :slapLaugh:  It says, "Type better, work faster".

Obviously she has never met me. :slapLaugh:

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It's been so long, and I can't go to yahoo groups because I will not give out my cell phone number.

I'm going to see if the files load and if they show up.

I found some of Helga's files, but not the one I was looking for.

It would seem that is the one file I really want and no one has it.

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