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For the following weeks I am going to be helping Alet in this section. I will visit all the websites on that list I have, take a couple of pictures of what I see, and give a brief description of that website. It's a looooong list. If after a while you see that a particular website you like is not here, please let me know and I will add it.

Some sites are not in English, but I will endeavour to do my best with those.

I have to visit the site, take some pictures, then resize those pictures, then upload them to my photobucket and then transfer all that information here. I am not the fastest runner in the race, :slapLaugh: so this is going to take me a long time. Bear with me. If I mess up please let me know.

I have no idea how many books I am going to fill up as I do this, probably a lot. :slapLaugh:

I numbered all the sites, and then wrote that information along with a description in this book in hopes that I can keep all of this well organized, but this is me.... :ROLF:  I'm bound to make mistakes.

I will let you know if the site has Sims3 creations, but I am only doing this section that is for Sims2.


I sort of apologize if I make down-load-aholics of all of us. Note, I said "sort of"! :smiley_laughing:


These are not in any particular order, just the order of the site I copied them from.

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First is a lovely Ikea cabinet, next is a cute upsidedown house, and last is some cat pictures.

Both Sims2 and Sims3 creations are here. I am only featuring things for Sims2. In all there are to date, 55 pages of downloads.

I have listed the categories below.



Sims2-Buy Mode                                                    



           Build Mode

           Mods & Hacks

           Residential and Community Lots


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This is an Asian site, and it is very well organized and easy to navigate.


They have both Sims2 and Sims3.



           Dolls- (Sims)

           Hair-male and female

           Clothing-male and female


           3D Models






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Lovely site, easy to navigate.

Categories:  Hair



                        Skintone, Eyes



                        Build Mode

                        Old Files

                        Themed, Wedding, 1920's, Medieval, Rococo, 19th Century



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This is our "Jon".   :389-Amours-love-:  There are literally thousands of wonderful downloads on his site.

I'm not listing the categories because Jon has something in every category as far as I could tell.

He has something for all 3 Sims games. He has also done several conversions and not just from TS3.

His talent is nothing short of breath-taking.

Set aside some spare time, you will be there a while, but I guarantee you will not go away empty handed. :up4:

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Another Asian website with a limited number of downloads.

Easy to navigate and has some pretty things.



Male & Female clothing





This is a German site, easy to navigate.

It appears to be mostly clothing with some genetics.

It also has Sims characters of the "Twilight" series.







This is a clothing site but it has blocked the ability to save pictures for posting on other sites.

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I am numbering these now....if a number is missing it means that site on my list didn't meet our rules. It's way the only I can keep things straight between here and my photo-bucket account and the list.






This is a blog site with mainly clothing. It also has, Accessories, Sims-only females, Makeup, Hair, Eyes, Skintone and a story that I didn't read.










I think this site is Japanese.

The categories are: Accessories, Eyes, Clothing, Hair, Makeup, Sims, Skin tones, and so far 1 object.







Another Asian site, with English added for easy navigation.

Categories: Clothing, Accessories, Hair, Makeup, Objects, and Models.

There is not a lot here, but it is a nice site.

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 An Asian site with English.

Categories: Accessory, Clothing, Posebox, Build, Lots.

I didn't find many downloads and most seem to be of the Anime type.







An Asian site with Free and Pay sections. I will not post pay items.

They have a nice selection of free hair.

Also they have categories, Accessory, Makeup, Clothes, but nothing is in those categories for Sims2.




This site is an affiliate and posts updates here.







This is strictly a site for hair. They have lovely hair.

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Just a quick post to clarify some things.


Some of the links I have here also have things for Sims3. I don't play that game and I don't bother looking at the stuff.


Some of the sites offer Free and Pay items. I will never post a picture of a Pay item.


If you know where I got the list and you see a site that is not here, trust me, there is a legitimate reason for it.

Some of the sites I had on that list also had explicit adult content, those sites will not be found here.

Don't ask me for those links, I will not provide them.


Some sites, not in English are more difficult to navigate than others, I will try and help you if you need it.

I have to admit, some sites were beyond my capabilities of understanding and I just clicked and clicked.


I think some sites are on the verge of vanishing. If a link is dead, let me know and I will remove it.


Some of the sites are forums and require registration. Do so at your own discretion :smiley: Many of them don't update

for Sims2 any longer and have broken links. Some forums are still available, but have been abandoned, it's

hard to tell sometimes. Any forum I went to that had adult content is not posted here.

Some sites had numerous categories with either nothing in those categories or just 1 thing.

If you see a category with a number after it, that is the number of things available. It is in no way a criticism of that site.


I try and post pictures of things that include the needed meshes. Nothing is worse than running all over the net trying to find a needed mesh.

From time to time, I may gush over something :ROLF:

I need to find a suitable smilie for that... :slapLaugh:

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Picture 2 is an accessory. For those posting stories, I posted that accessory to show you that Rose has some rather interesting accessories if your Sims need to go to battle with Aliens.

Categories: Clothing, Hair, Face, Accessories, Furniture, Magic, Makeup, House, Other-(it's a posebox.)

There is a lot of stuff on her site.






Primarily a hair site with both free and pay.

Categories: Hair, Accessories, Makeup, Clothing-only a few very shiny underwear and 1 dress, Furniture=0, Other=0






This site requires registration and has both free and pay items.

Categories: Hair, Clothing, Accessories.

They have an Objects section, however they seemed to be mostly entire sets that were pay items.

They have a Build section but only had one wall.




OK, I'm gonna gush  :love:




I love these blinds and they have so many recolours all over the net.

I would love them even more if they picked up the beddings as well. *sigh*




Categories: Clothing, Hair, Accessories, Eyes, Makeup, Fantasy, Mesh,

Objects Section: Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Study, Kitchen, Outdoor, Build, Theme, Dining Room

 They also have a section called "Simmer Valley", with Hair, Objects, House, Model, Makeup, Clothing, Genetics and Accessories.


I think the best description is modern objects and Japanese themed downloads.


They have a donations button, but it confused me. I think you can download everything in one file if you donate, but I could very well be wrong.

It is a very well organized site and easy to navigate.

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Primarily a clothing site. I found 1 bed in the Objects section.







They make only female clothing. Genetics-1 hair,

Buy Mode-2 painting sets, 2 bedding recolours, and in Build Mode, 1 wallpaper.

They have a "Sale" section with 3 clothing downloads.





 This is a German site, very well organized and easy to navigate. She is fluent in English.

Categories: Clothing-casual, formal, athletic & dance, undies and swimwear

                    Genetics & Accessories


Themes: Medieval & Fantasy, Movie Costumes, Historical Costumes, Dark Fashion, Oktoberfest, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Wedding, Far East Special.


There are a lot of downloads available and I'm sure they are also linked in our Themes section.

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I'm pretty sure we have all heard of Kativip. Her site is "Cradle of Darkness."

There is so much stuff here, all beautifully done and there is something in every category.

There is one section devoted to the Medieval theme.




VitaSims2                               **UPDATED**




My personal favourite...

2new_zps338c2d9a.jpgIt is called "Bedroom-Viola"

My Aunt, whom I loved dearly was named Viola.

This is a lovely site with tons of creations in every category. There are some pay files, just so you are aware of that ahead of time.

This site also creates for Sims3.




I would actually be shocked if some here had not heard of this site.

Beautifully organized, tons of downloads in every category, this is a site with something to offer anyone who plays "Themes".




These next two sites are so well known that I just don't see the necessity of posting pictures for either of them.




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Perhaps I should explain something...I am numbering the posts, but sometimes you will see a number is missing.

I made so many folders in my pictures section on my computer and then used notepad to put the site address in that folder to keep things organized.

There are two reasons for a number to be missing, inappropriate content, or a link that worked when I first went there and has now suddenly stopped.


The list I am working on is 9 pages long in the microsoft word program. At this point in time I am 55 years old.

I expect to be adding to this section for a few years as there are so many sites popping up all the time. :granny:

And also, as I go to each site, you know that I see stuff that I just have to download. :slapLaugh:

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33-B_zpsd2bfd3d0.jpg33-C_zpse8d67d21.jpg I really like this matching wrought iron door and window.


33-A_zps91011973.jpg33-D_zps4305b9d3.jpg Can you tell I like stained glass windows?





I love this site. She tries to make sure and include needed meshes. The site is organized and easy to navigate.



recolours of hair-Helga, Juice, Newsea, Rose, XM Sims


It's not just a hair recolour site. Check these out.




A bit of something for everyone. A pretty site, nicely organized.



35. 35-B_zpsf00f774f.jpg


This is primarily a clothing site, but it does have donation files. By now we know where to go for those!








This site has tons of stuff, very well organized, BUT if you want the entire set, a portion of it is always a donation file.





Warning: I could spend days and days at this site!!!

Yep, I'm gushing!!



The blue bathroom is a maxis recolour, but I just love the colour blue. Make something blue and I will download it. (Well not a blue dog...)


I just love this bedroom.



There are so many things on this site. There are a lot of Steffor recolours. (TSR member)

When she can, links are provided when she couldn't include them in the download, but unfortunately a lot of those links are not functioning.

I have a tip for that--open notepad and copy into it what is not available. Put the download and the notepad in it's own file on your computer.

When you extract that file, have the notepad opened and just don't extract the things where the meshes are missing.


:ROLF:   I misspelled "things" as thikns, and the suggestion that came up was "stinkbugs" :ROLF:  I just had to share that. :slapLaugh:

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I have no idea what language this site is
I didn't see much in the way of downloads.




I did see a lot of lots. The first pic is a complete Sim, the second one is clothing.




This is a Russian site. She has celebrity Sims from TV shows, bands, and movies.


39-B-Niall_Horan_zps734134c9.jpgSome guy from One Direction. I'm not up to speed on Boy Bands.

39-C-Ellen_Page_zps3507391a.jpg   39-A-charlie_sheen_zpsad30b406.jpg


I think she does a pretty good job. She's got them all in categories so whomever you may be looking for is easy to find.



medieval conversions (sims3 conversions)


It's not a site with a lot of downloads, but I thought they all looked well done.




40-object6_zpse0b985b5.jpg I think this door mat is so cute.


For the Medieval theme:





female hair
male hair
adult female clothing
teen female clothing
children female clothing
other-misc stuff

Setting prevent pictures, so I can't show you anything, but it's pretty.



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Fashions for your sims.


Very well organized, everything is categorized for easy navigation.





A truly beautiful site, complete with themes.

It is a German site, but there is a button on the right that changes it to English for easy navigating.





This is the site to go to for vehicles.

But there are also Sections: Bedroom, Build,Buildings, Cars, Cooking, Decor, Dining, Electronics, Holiday, Lighting, Living Room, Misc, Outdoor, Sims






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This is a site dedicated to Lady GaGa,it's self-explanatory.





I'd be surprised if we all don't have at least one thing from this site in our games.
Well organized, easy to find things.




Original meshes



48. for

A German site that also creates for Sims3, pay attention to make sure which game you are downloading for. I'm not sure, but I think I saw things for the original game.

I only saw houses for Sims2



This brings me to the end of what was referred to as "Websites"

Next up is "Dream Width" which I will be doing in the next few days.

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:oops:  I need a bit of a break, so it's going to be a few days until I do more updates here.

I just learned how to recolour paintings and I want to practice that.

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I have a few 4t2 objects in my game already. I love the Boss chair and I have the large stuffed animal deco.

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