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BBy News for the Count and Countess!

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Here's an update on my Count and Countess! 

Count Victor received word that he was about to become a Pops.   







  Guess he really wasn't paying much attention that his honey

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:grin:   Glad you enjoyed it Nonni!  I love the expressions the sims have in the new game.  :slapLaugh:  I'm learning how to use the cheats also.  It's all about knowing how to key them.  I have my Sim also visited that Secret hood.  Your sims can find various things to put into their Inventory.  Just a tip, should you decide to visit.  

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:slapLaugh:  No hun!  She has gotten larger - for some strange reason.    :hmm:   I was looking at her myself and thought, "Wow cookie, you have really put on the lbs."   That's strange cause after giving birth in real life, some mom's lose and others gain.  I think this simmie has Gained.   :ROLF:   Since this snap of her she has even gotten larger.  I'm gonna get her on that Treadmill.   


Ohhh, I read where they are gonna be bring in the Pool for our simmies,,, think around November, so that will be good for her if she lasts that long. 

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