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2 Problems, can they be fixed?

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Hello  :Sunshine: 


I have 2 issues with my TS2 game. The first thing isn't really a problem, just something that bugs me, and while I was posting I thought I'd mention it. I built a semi-detached (duplex) house that runs like an apartment. I got it looking really good only for the neighbourhood view to show it buggy (see pic below). The front of the second floor is transparent, as though there are no walls but there are. If anyone happens to know a fix for this, please say. :)




The second primary problem is that my game quite frequently pops up with random error messages. They don't mean anything to me as a lay person, but I did notice some of the messages include the names of townies. I don't really know when this started happening, but I know I never used to get them. It seemed to start after downloading the Visitor Controller, but removing it didn't change anything. Sorry to be vague, my game's been like this for quite a while now. I finally decided to ask for advice because each popup has me paranoid I'll end up with a corrupt game I can no longer play.


I have a zillion different error logs from this happening a lot over about 3 months, but to be sure I'll upload the next one I get along with a screenshot.


I probably can't be helped at this point I know, but I'd rather ask before reinstalling (and possibly getting a new set of problems along with it).


Thanks for any suggestions. 

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What a lovely Neighborhood!


The Error Msg. pop-ups eventually crippled my game entirely.


However I have had wonderful success in following Beck's advice:


I would remove your mods and try it again.  Then you could do a process of elimination by adding back to your game some of the mods, until you find the one that is bad.


I did as Beck suggested and I am slowly rebuilding my game. So far, I have added the SimBlender, many of Beck's Modifications, some other 'cannot play without' mods such as 'no-red-pause-mod', 'noseeghostwant', 'No Shade Eyes Salute', 'MQ_Garden_Talk_To_Many', 'no-hazardous-rain-Mog-20100615', 'ffsdebugger', 'dailygardener', Teleporter Shrub and some OMSPs plus my must have also, VisitorController. I do have my DR skin-tones and DR eyes.


So far I have no Build CC and no Buy CC.


Everything is copacetic to this point in my game.



I have actually had some enjoyment of TS2 returned to me even without all the heavy Custom Content in the Buy and Build catalogs. Greater speed in loading my game is a lovely bonus. So it seems that it was not altogether some Mod that made the Error Msgs. but in conjunction with some corrupt CC file/files. Mod conflict don't always show up in HCDU. (Upper left: clk Sims 2, then clk Programs then scroll down a bit).


Oh, another thing I do religiously now for a clean (problem free) game is the HoodChecker. You would be so surprised at all the bugs in original TS2 game and its Neighborhoods.


Please feel free to continue to ask for help. Oh, about the see through walls... wish I could help that is beyond my expertise.

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That makes perfect sense to do, I just don't know how that will work for me, having so many mods like Community Time for example, which could still be active in a household when I remove it. Plus, I just have so much CC, it would be easier for me to reinstall completely. But then I risk new problems. Hmm.



I installed the hood checker and had it scan my one and only neighbourhood. This was the result...  :slapLaugh: 




Blimey, it even says many non-existent sims have relationships with themselves. No wonder my game is like this.  :ROLF: 

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That is what mine looked like, too. My game was so overburdened with CC, it was easier to let TS2 remake itself. I went to 'C:\Users\Nonni\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 and renamed my current game. Then I clicked on the icon to start TS2 and let the program create a new TS2. You may know all this but just in case:


In that new and empty Downloads folder, I started adding the stuff that I must have to play my game.

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Not sure about the first issue - I've had that happen and I think it has something to with the windows - don't quote me again not sure :grin:


Are you playing in debug mode? If so, you are going to get all sort of error messages.


A word of caution about the hood checker - always make a backup copy of your game before using it. Also keep in mind that the hood checker does not recognize many custom made animated items that use NPC controllers  in the same way as Maxi objects because they do not have the same Family ID as the games NPC's and NPC Controllers. Some of the custom made animated items are still "sims" and not objects like some of the games NPC's and NPC Controller.  A back-up of your neighborhood before a major change like using the hood checker is necessary just in case something goes wrong.


BTW, Nonni your neighborhood layout looks great! :smiley_happy107:

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My first thought when that many error messages pop up for somebody is to wonder if they are running boolprop constantly. 


wardrobe wrangler and I believe delphy's download organizer can help isolate things, such as corrupted files, or say, if you are wanting to remove some piece of custom content, but it has no name in your downloads, you can find it with the organizer. Subfolders seem to confuse things sometimes tho.  


It helps to have some idea of what was added last to the downloads folder so that you can track down if a problem is relatively recent in the making. Also, make a backup of your neighborhoods before adding a mod that is apt to change things in a really big way so you can go back if there is a problem. Sometimes it isn't as simple as just removing the mod as corruption can have already occurred. I learned this particular lesson the hard way.

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