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  2. I got the vaccine. Feel kinda Didn't hurt at all. They will contact me in 16 weeks for my second dose. They were doing so well that they called me to come in early. You have to wait for 15 minutes after the shot to make sure you are ok, but I think it's a sneaky marketing ploy to get you to 15 minutes cost me $150.00
  3. Don't worry, everything will be fine. I will pray that you will have a good sleep and you will be ready and rested for tomorrow.
  4. Last week
  5. Ever have *ONE* of those days? The kind where you wish you could press restart and begin again? Six weeks ago I registered for the Covid19 vaccine. Today I got an e-mail telling me when, where and what time I am to be there to get the dreaded needle. I also had to fill out this questionnaire that was health questions. Okey dokey, I fill out the form, check the date of the appointment and think to myself, no problem, I got a week to prepare myself to leave the safety of my home. Then I got a confirmation e-mail and I about had a heart attack. I had today all wrong, and my appointmen
  6. Yes Beck, you are right! I uninstalled Bust the dust and now the kids are actually fun to play with. They now only mess if their needs are low.
  7. davecarr

    New Places!

    Wichita https://www.visitwichita.com/
  8. I know I shouldn't be doing this because I already have so many projects for Sims 4 and Sims 2, but I was on the internet this morning just looking at new clothing for Sims 4. You have no idea how many times I resisted the urge to leave a comment, *Like congratulations, you've created a string!* Seriously a dress or a skirt so incredibly short if the Sims bends over you get to see her butt.....or a top that kinda covers the strategic parts, and I do mean KINDA! I want to ask them if this is how they'd like to see their mom or grandma dress when they go out in public. *sigh* Ye
  9. Thanks Beck That may well be. I 'm going to disable the vacuum pack and see if it makes a difference .
  10. Happy Mother's Day!
  11. Happy Mothers' Day!
  12. Earlier
  13. I think it has something to do with the vacuum add on. I haven't bought that one myself to be able to see what changes it makes to the game.
  14. For some reason (I blame it on the new Windows update, or some cc conflicting 🥵 - I still have to test that) this mod stopped working in my game. It is as if the kids are now messing even more - very annoying!
  15. I don't care for the pants, they just don't look natural, but you did a fantastic job with the textures and colors.
  16. Wow, they look like they were made for each other, the top and skirt that is. Super job MM!
  17. Beautiful textures as always MM. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Beautiful! And stunning recolours! Thank you. MM!
  19. 4 downloads

    I paired a top I like with a skirt I also like but both items are created by 2 different creators. You will need this top MESH and also this skirt MESH for these to show up in your game. I was mostly curious to see if I could make these two clothing items look good paired up and for the most part I am pleased with how they turned out.
  20. 5 downloads

    More pants that are shown with the Mary top. Actually same pictures from the Mary top. YES, I am that lazy. You will need this MESH for these pants to show up in your game.Can't think of anything else to say, just more pants recoloured. OH- I changed the belt just cause I can.
  21. 4 downloads

    You will need this MESH from TSR This is a crop top, BUT it works very well with MOST high-waisted skirts and pants. Depending on the skirt or pants you choose, there could be some clipping and sadly I do not know how to fix that. I just like this particular crop top because when paired with the high-waisted bottoms I chose, the midriff was not exposed. At my age 62- I am not a fan of exposed midriffs, I prefer modest clothing and I know a lot of other people do as well.
  22. 4 downloads

    You will need this MESH for these pants to show up in your game. I have no idea what else to say, they are skinny jeans in lots of colours. The top shown is also from TSR and it is coming up next upload.
  23. 😡 So SFS quit working AGAIN! I could ever figure out how to upload files to google cloud but I did have an old MediaFire account. I upgraded to the best plan for me and that is where I will be uploading all my recolours to from now on. I uploaded 4 outfits to Media Fire in under 10 minutes. I don't even care that this is going to cost me a wee bit of money, I just wanted a reliable place to store my files and to be honest, I really like the plan I opted for.
  24. That would be fantastic if it did get fixed.
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