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  1. Set your move objects allowed to on in the cheat window.
  2. Beautiful work MM as always. Thanks for sharing with us.
  3. try deleting the goat files in your download folder and replace them with a new copy. The game writes things to the npc file which sometimes causes problems in the game. I've found if I delete that one and put a clean file in it usually fixes the issue. It's the file with controller in it's name. If you look at the file size you'll see it is much larger than my original file. It's probably best to just delete the whole folder and replace it with a new copy.
  4. Thanks Alet! I have to agree with you. It's really hard to believe all of the people in these photos is a part of me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.
  5. Thanks Ladies! I had a better day the day after my birthday we actually celebrate it on the 27th as my grandson Kevin and his wife Marcy had a little girl last January and they cam to visit from Hawaii. Kevin is in the Army and has been over there for almost 3 years now. We all went up to my oldest daughter, Lisa's cottage, well it's a 4 bedroom lake house. Not like a cottage really. At any rate all 3 of my daughters were there along with Brian and Aubree. And my great grand daughter, Isabell I spent a couple of days up there with them. We just got home tonight. It was so wonderful to spend time with almost my whole family. I had never gone up there as Lisa's dad and his wife bought the cabin right next door to hers, and of course they had to be over at Lisa's a lot, but they kind kept to one end of the deck with the guys and my daughters and grandkids kept to the onsite end. It was just a little uncomfortable, especially having to watch his wife hold my great grand daughter. I did my best not to let them bother me or spoil my time up there. It's really the first time I've gotten away in years. She adored Aubree, one of the pic's is of Kevin holding her. I hope they show up on my post as I just copied them from Stephanie's Facebook posts. I couldn't figure out how to post the video of Lisa holding her while Aubree may Isabell laugh and laugh. At any rate we all had a very enjoyable weekend, well it wasn't actually a weekend it was Sunday until today. https://www.facebook.com/1385244093/videos/841072363488958/
  6. I really do not mind if you include their meshes. If someone complains then we'll reconsider the issue.
  7. Thanks so very much Gina! I very much appreciate it.
  8. I don't think they can do a thing about it. They can't post here unless that person is a member. If there is something you really want to share I'd say go for it. It is not really legal for anyone to charge money for the Sims creations. It's alright to ask for a donation but not to force one to pay for the items. No on can make anything for the game without the game itself and one of the creation tools mainly S4S. I have never agreed with any of the silly policies people think they can have, and by doing so EA has the right to sue those individuals. You can always give the link to the pay sites must be destroyed mesh also.
  9. You've been a very busy lady! Great job!
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