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  1. So cute...Can't wait to get my pc fixed so I can try these out!
  2. Very cute dress...I am THAT old too, but even in my twenties I wouldn't dare wear anything that low! :-O
  3. Those curtains are gorgeous! I especially like the blue ones...You have such good taste, MM!
  4. I absolutely love these...especially the teal green/blue...Very lovely, thank you, MM!
  5. I can't believe I somehow missed this one until now...and purple is my favorite color too! Thank you, MM...You are awesome!
  6. These are really pretty...It's good to have even more variety for this blanket, one of my favorite things too. Thank you MM!
  7. Oh I just love those sofa pillows! I can't wait to use these in the game...Thanks MM...(I have made a new folder just for your recolors, and it is growing and growing!)
  8. Beautiful! Wait a minute...There's a TS3 to TS2 conversion site?! Woo-hoo! Link please?
  9. This set is my favorite in TS3, now I will have it in TS2! This is truly beautiful, thank you MM and Beck...Well done!
  10. These are just GORGEOUS! I can't wait to use them in my game...Thank you so much Sweetie!
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