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  1. I checked both my external hard drives and I don't have the recolours I did on either one. I will have to make new recolours. Please be patient with me because I am currently very unwell.
  2. I will look into this and hopefully I have them.
  3. 7 downloads

    I rarely do things for the male Sims but I did find this and loved it. The creator is JulieJ. You will need this MESH for this suit to show in your game as well as the Snowy Expansion Pack. There are lots of different patterns, plaid, houndstooth, gingham and some Christmas ones as well. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed and keep my game updated.
  4. I sent the link for this dress to my cousin, Janet. Her mom is my Aunt Viola. Janet doesn't play the Sims but she did love this tribute. Alet and Rebecah.
  5. Mission Mouse

    Dress Recolor

    Marie, if you ever do visit Canada you would be most welcome to stay with me, in fact I would consider it an honour. There are so many places I would want to take you to, including other provinces. Actually it didn't take me too long to make all these and I honestly had so much fun. The time probably flew because while I was working on them, it brought back so many joyous memories. Now all I have to do is to show these to my cousin, Janet. Aunt Viola was her mother and I know she will be touched by this deeply.
  6. Mission Mouse

    Dress Recolor

    I just have to ask this---Paris? Like Paris, France? The reason for my asking is that I live in Ontario, Canada and we have a Paris in our province. If you are from Paris, France, well pick me up off the floor. It's astounding to me that something I did, crossed the ocean. I may, or may not have gone a wee bit overboard. There are 5 packages with 80 dresses in the first 4 and 84 dresses in the last package. 484 recolours, that's not too many is it?
  7. 8 downloads

    Quite a while back I made recolours of the Citizen Jane dress by RetroPixels. When SimsFileShare moved their database that file somehow got corrupted. These new dresses are in response to a very touching request by a sweet lady from Paris. RetroPixels is gone now, so the mesh is included. I've called this collection, the *Viola* collection in honour of my dearly beloved Aunt. I think of Aunt Viola often and I miss her more than words can say. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed and keep my game updated.
  8. Until I fell the other day I was really excited because I have made so many new patterns that I am just dying to use. I have used some of them in Marie's request.
  9. Mission Mouse

    Dress Recolor

    I just feel really bad about this delay. I am working on the last folder and making progress, although it is a slow progress. It's actually quite funny because the last folder was an afterthought. I am just determined to finish this because I think the most part of the afterthought was in finding patterns that I think might be time relevant to when my Aunt wore house dresses. Back then women did not wear pants and I have a very clear and vivid memory of Aunt Viola and Aunt Nonni re-papering a bedroom wearing house-dresses. I also remember the big bucket of glue that they had to apply to the back of the wallpaper.
  10. Jake-----he just scooped some kibble out of his dish, ran to the other side of the living room, dropped it on the front door mat and is now attacking and chasing his kibble. There is kibble flying everywhere. I'm not even going to ask him, WHY?
  11. Mission Mouse

    Dress Recolor

    Marie, I had a wee accident so the outfit won't be posted until tomorrow. I have one more folder to finish up in Sims4Studios but I fell and re-injured my right knee. I have to keep it elevated and iced and it's too awkward for me to sit on the sofa and finish the last folder. When I can get the swelling down then I can sit for short times and work on the dress. I am so sorry for this delay.
  12. Mission Mouse

    Dress Recolor

    Marie, just in case you are checking this request to see what progress I have made....your request will be posted by Saturday at the latest. When I was doing these recolours I suddenly had this thought, I need to make some recolours from fabrics that actually came from the time period that my Aunt wore dresses like these. I did think that perhaps the Elder Sims will be pleased as well.
  13. 4 downloads

    You will need this MESH from Rusty for this dress to show in your game. Another simply gorgeous creation from Rusty that I found irresistible to resist recolouring. I think I would refer to this as *Trendy*, all I know is that I love this dress. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed and keep my game updated.
  14. 8 downloads

    You need this MESH from Rusty for this uuit to show in your game. As you can see I am a big fan of Rusty and this is her version of one of the many outfits worn by Duchess Megan. This pant suit is clean, crisp and very stylish and your Sims should feel like a Duchess when she wears this. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed and keep my game updated.
  15. 9 downloads

    You need this MESH for this dress to show in your game. I know I have recoloured and uploaded this dress, however these are completely new and different patterns, This really is my All-Time FAVOURITE dress. I seriously LOVE this particular dress. I think it is both chic and versatile. I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed and keep my game updated.
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