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  1. yay! congratulations!

    1. Mission Mouse
    2. gayars


      I think it was for the simpe reinstalled and recolors. I can't remember 😂 (I forget so easily sometimes like you say, covid brain)

  2. Thank you! that annoying pop up was driving me nuts!
  3. I will do that to mine later and awesome! Congratulations MM!
  4. I did, but because it is two downloads, you couldn't tell which was which 😄 so I just did it both ways 😄
  5. 196 downloads

    These are recolors of a Sims 2 base game toddler mesh (think overalls) to look more like the clothes my grandson wears locally. They have a nice country and western flair. There are boys only versions and ones for both boys and girls. The downloads buttons don't have writing so I inserted them in, with the blue writing above. The boys is the top downloads button and the bottom is for boys and girls if you hit the actual downloads button
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