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  1. Yes Beck, you are right! I uninstalled Bust the dust and now the kids are actually fun to play with. They now only mess if their needs are low.
  2. Thanks Beck That may well be. I 'm going to disable the vacuum pack and see if it makes a difference .
  3. For some reason (I blame it on the new Windows update, or some cc conflicting 🥵 - I still have to test that) this mod stopped working in my game. It is as if the kids are now messing even more - very annoying!
  4. Beautiful! And stunning recolours! Thank you. MM!
  5. Thank you, MM! These sweaters are gorgeous!
  6. Oh yes I love this outfit! It's beautiful Thank you, MM. And I like that the jacket is separate
  7. MaAlet

    New Places!

    Aan De Doorns
  8. Oh MM, I love the combination and matching tops and pants! These are so great! Thank you very much!
  9. Lena, you can find some of her stuff here
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